• Experiment on stepper motor(B)

    Experiment on stepper motor(B)

    Stepper motor moves in small steps are generally indicated on the label in degrees. A step motor to spin in one direction of current is passed through a coil, then another, then in the first winding of opposite polarity, then the second with reverse polarity, also. This sequence is repeated for c...
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  • Experiment on stepper motor(A)

    Experiment on stepper motor(A)

    Stepper motors are usually of microprocessors or custom controller ICs, and power is often controlled by circuits lit stepper motor driver and power transistors. Precise movement is possible, but the complexity usually land stepper amateur in the “maybe someday” bin parts. But stepper can be used...
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  • How can we use stepper motor

    How can we use stepper motor

    Stepper motor control is a device that controls the position, speed and torque of a mechanical drive. It is designed for motion control of electric motors. It has automatic transmission and manual for starting and stopping the engine, and the selection and adjustment of speed. Also expected to se...
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