Top 4 tips to choose the right stepper motor

A stepper motor is an electromechanical device that directly converts electrical pulses into mechanical movements. By controlling the sequence, frequency and number of electrical pulses applied to the motor coil, you can control its steering, speed and rotation angle. Accurate position and speed control can be achieved using a simple and low-cost open-loop control system with a stepper motor and its accompanying driver.

Though being widely used, the stepper motor can not be used like ordinary DC or AC motors under normal specifications, and a control system composed of double-loop pulse signals and power drive circuit is a must before using it. Therefore, it is not easy to use a stepper motor, and you should master mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer knowledge.  So you may encounter many troubles when selecting and using a stepper motor.

Changzhou ACT Motor Co., Ltd., a leading stepper motor factory in China, offers four important tips for you to choose the stepper motor that best fits you.

1. The method to select the torque of stepper motor is similar to that of the power of conventional motors, but there are essential differences. The physical structure of the stepper motor is completely different from AC and DC motors. Its output power is variable, so you can choose different types based on the required torque. 

2. Take special consideration of the motor speed. Its output torque is inversely proportional to its speed, that is, the torque in the high-speed rotation state is very small. Of course, coil resistance, inductance and other indicators should be measured under certain working environments. Stepper motor factory suggests that choosing a motor with slightly smaller inductance as a high speed motor, the output torque will be large. On the contrary, you should choose a stepper motor with dozens of inductance and large resistance if low-speed low torque is required.

3. No-load starting frequency of the stepper motor is a significant marker of buying a motor. If you want to start and stop frequently in an instant and the speed is at least 1000 rpm, accelerated start is usually required. 

4. Many of you don’t take phase number seriously, the number of coil groups of the stepper motor, and buy a stepper motor as you like. In fact, different phases of the motor have different working effects. The motor with many phases offers smaller step angle and smaller vibration when working. The two-phase motors are mostly used. A three-phase stepper motor is functional in high speed and high torque working environment.
If you have any further questions about a stepper motor, just contact ACT Motor and find the best stepper motor!

Post time: May-17-2022