5 Reasons Your Stepper Motor Drivers Keep Overheating

An overheated Chinese stepper motor driver will bring your equipment to a screeching halt. Though excessive heat may be the problem confronting you, it’s also necessary to find the reasons for overheating, because if you fail to position the root cause, your motor driver will continue to be overheated. You should first make sure overheating is actually the problem when dealing with an overheated motor driver, and there are two situations of stepper motor driver overheating.

1. With temperature rising rapidly, the driver only takes a few minutes from start running to the temperature rising to more than 60℃.
In this case, there are 3 reasons leading to overheating.

(1) Short circuit leads to rapid rise in temperature. You should quickly turn off the power, and check system wiring for correctness repeatedly. This situation is very easy to damage the equipment, so it should be strongly avoided.

(2) The stepper motor has been in high vibration working conditions, which will also make the stepper motor driver in an abnormal working condition, thus resulting in overheating. A stepper motor often has a resonance interval, so different mechanisms may have different resonance speeds. Therefore, the driver subdivision and other parameters should be adjusted according to the mechanism, and stepper motor resonance points should be avoided based on the actual working conditions, so as to enable the motor to be in stable working condition.

(3) The stepper motor has been in an overload working condition. Inaccurate torque calculation causes the stepper motor to be working in a state of critical load, which will also lead to the overheating of the stepper motor driver. Given stepper motors with different speeds have different output torques, stepper motor manufacturers suggest you choose enough motor torque and prevent the motor from running in critical load state.

2. The stepper motor driver works normally at the beginning, but excessive heat and even damage will occur after a period of time.
In this case, there are 2 reasons leading to overheating.

(1) Unreasonable current setting of the stepper motor driver may lead to abnormal heating of the driver. You can hardly detect this fault and everything seems to be normal at the beginning of equipment running. The current of the stepper motor driver needs to be set at the rated current of the stepper motor as far as possible; in addition, try to choose a stepper motor driver with automatic current adjustment function, so that the motor can work at rated current and the current will automatically decreased to a smaller value when the motor is in standby mode.

(2) Excessive heating will also occur even when the high power motor works normally. If no heat dissipation treatment is completed, the Chinese stepper motor driver will also be overheated and even burn the device.

Post time: Jun-20-2022