About Us

Chang Zhou ACT Motor Co.,Ltd


Changzhou ACT Motor Co.,Ltd established in 2010, with two manufacturing plants. Its annual production reach over 2 million units, own 200 employees and 50000 square meter warehouse. It has 1 European branch office and 2 external Offices in China.is a micro-motor manufacturing enterprise with new management model and strong technical strength.Professional R & D and production hybrid stepper motors, DC brushless motors, gear box motors, servo motors, drives and related electrical control systems.


ACT Motor is committed to helping customers from all industries to meet the needs of the current and future society, and can provide professional OEM services to customize and produce high quality products for customers.

More than progress, unlimited innovation, is our business philosophy,

As one of the most innovative companies in the market, ACT Motor company is always maintaining close contact with customers to ensure effective industry solutions. We are proud to provide products and services to many first-class brands.

Our goal is to provide innovative, environmentally friendly and low cost micromotor product solutions to help customers succeed.

Company Vision

Ntelligent control leads the future!

Company Mission

Intelligent industrial control makes the world more environmentally friendly and efficient!

Company Goal

Become an expert in intelligent control system integration!

ACT MOTOR has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing stepper motors, and has become a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of stepper motors and related electrical control systems.

We are committed to helping customers from various industries meet the needs of society from now on.

Foreign trade company established.
ACT MORTOR established and put into production
German branch established in Bremen Jinan branch established Hefei branch established
Construction of new factory completed and production started.

Pre-saling support

Focus on industry trends, insisting on market-oriented to develop and research new products.

Sale support

Efficient and high-quality product delivery
Complete the production and delivery of the product within the time stipulated in the contract


After sales support

Timely technical support
Help customers solve problems in practical use in the first time


Why Choose Us?

Company Size
Research And Development

After more than ten years of hard work, we have won the favor of more than 3,000 customers, and more than 850 customers have more than 5 years.


Ankert has realized the production of Industry 4.0, more professional production, and provides more than 10,000 kinds of product options to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

Company Size

We have 26 technicians, 15 of whom have more than 10 years of working experience. We have 35 sales and service personnel who have carried out specific work divisions in pre-sale, after-sale, and after-sales to improve the quality of cooperation.


We have 2 factories and 2 offices in China. In 2014, we established a branch in Germany. The global warehousing service is only for the safe and efficient delivery of goods.

Research And Development

We have been committed to the research and development and upgrading of our products, and the annual investment in research and development exceeds 10 million yuan.

Changzhou ACT Motor has mastered the core technologies of hybrid stepper motor, permanent magnet stepper motor, servo motor, brushless DC motor and motor drive and integration. The company continues to carry out technical research and development, improve product performance, and constantly develop innovative products according to market and customer needs.