COVID-19 Protection


包装内容:此物品包括:EN14683: 2019 Type 1

50个/纸箱= 17,5 * 9,5cm

  • 结构组成:
 3层结构  纺粘(PP)+熔喷(PP)+纺粘(PP)
  • 特征
 - Without glass fibres- Hypoallergenic- Very low resistance to breathing- Nose Bar adaptable(The nose clip is easy to adjust and fits perfectly on nose)- High filtration capacity



  • 用法:非常有效的过滤
 - Dust- Bacteria- Influenza- Pollen- Aerosol- PM2.5
  • 使用说明
1. Unpack the product and place this mask with the nose clip facing up.

2. The white side facing inside, with the ear straps on both sides hanging on both ears

3. Gently press the nose clip to fit the nose bridge, adjust the bending of the nose clip,then press and hold the nose clip to pull the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw

4. Arrange the wearing position of the mask so that it covers the entire face,check the tightness of the edges to obtain the best protection effect

  • 使用期限
 - 1年
  • 禁忌症
  • 储存环境
 1. Store at a temperature of -5 ℃  - 35 ℃.

2. Relative humidity does not exceed 80%.

3. No corrosive gas and good ventilation.

4. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

  • 注意

2.从卫生的角度来看,建议每4小时使用1台PC。After 4hours, please change to a new one.

3. This is personal protective face mask. It is for normal people.它不适用于医院的医生和护士(医院需要医用口罩)。

  • 付款
 1. We accept payment via PayPal and bank transfer.

2. All prices 均含19%的增值税,通过标准服务免费送货至欧盟。

  • EN 14683:2019测试报告
  • 欧盟代表协议
  • 一次性医用口罩(非无菌)的交付检验记录和产品质量控制合格
  • 纸箱图纸

尺寸:210 * 110 * 95mm毛重:0,25Kg